You can order products volleyhouse.gr in 3 ways: 

1. Through this electronic page volleyhouse.gr filling the order form.
2. You can place your order by phone at +30 210-9519019 on working days and hours.
3. You can place your order in e-mail: sales@volleyhouse.gr

Immediately after submitting your order through volleyhouse.gr, you will automatically receive an email that shows what you ordered. We will notify you immediately about the availability of the products you selected at regular intervals will inform you about the status of your order.

Products without price or zero price

On our page you can find products that are not displayed or displayed value zero. Those products are available to add to your order, but there is no commitment on your part to buy them before inquire by phone or e-mail for their price and agree to execute your order. Expressly noted that products with zero or no value is NOT in any way products are offered for free or without monetary consideration.

Products mistake or unusually low price

In what products we have added prices has made every effort to meet the price to the actual value of the product. However it is not possible to exclude the possibility of human or bug resulting in a product to appear as available at a price below its actual value. If you notice such a case please contact us to check it out and let you know the correct price. You should know that even if you submit your order will be canceled and the amount you may deposit will be refunded in full if the order does not agree to be performed with the actual value.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Cash. For those who prefer the more traditional method, the products come with rapid-courier transport service and you pay at the time of receipt.

Shipping & Delivery

The products, after checking availability, will be sent to the address you have indicated within 3 working days by courier (Courier). In case the courier company does not serve your area, send your order is made by the Greek Post Office Post Office and the delivery time is provided by the Post Office. In any case we will inform you of the exact time and date of delivery, the number of shipping (Voucher).

Privacy & Security

The volleyhouse.gr assures maximum safety during your purchases via the web. The adoption of SSL encryption protocol 128bit (THAWTE), application firewalls, antivirus and continuous monitoring of servers (servers) by qualified personnel set security levels at the highest index and ensure transaction security at all levels.

To volleyhouse.gr uses protocol SSL, encrypted 128bit (the most powerful today), for secure online trading. This way encrypted and protected all your personal information including credit card information, name and your address, so that it can not be read or changed during transport over the Internet.

The SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) is now the global standard for Internet and the most reliable technology for secure transactions and privacy of communications over the Internet on a global scale and for certification sites (web sites) to Web users and to encrypt data between network users and network servers (web servers). An encrypted SSL communication requires all information sent between a client and a server (server) be encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software, thus protecting personal information during transmission. Furthermore, all information sent using the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically detects whether data has been altered during transmission.

The secure communication of volleyhouse.gr system is certified by the company Geotrust, internationally recognized as a leading company in the field of trade and data protection on the Internet. The Thawte each time you enter a secure page that is to be transaction data, presents a yellow padlock which shows you and also confirms that your transaction is protected. Additionally make sure that you have moved to a safe (secure) page of a website because the "location" or "url" at the top of the page (where you write the website address) begins with "https" instead of "http" (the "s" means "secure"). These show that the transmission of personal information (name, address, credit card, etc.) is encrypted so it can not be perceived by others.

Additional personal safety

Personal safety is a further passcode (password) you give when you become member of volleyhouse.gr in conjunction with the user name (username). So to present any of your personal information, you first need to insert the username and password you use. For this reason, it should be good store that information so do not risk to be in the hands of others.

The adoption of SSL encryption protocol 128bit (Thawte), application firewalls, antivirus and continuous monitoring of servers (servers) by qualified personnel set security levels at the highest index and ensure transaction security at all levels. But if you still keep your reservations or have any questions about security on the internet do not hesitate to contact us.

Returns & Replacements

To volleyhouse.gr supporting your E-Commerce enables, through the fullness of the descriptions of which display its pages, and photos of the products you enjoy the privilege of direct contact with the products available on the screen of your computer, quickly and easily.

But wanting to meet more of our customers, in order to highlight the benefits of using the Internet in our everyday purchases, we offer the possibility of product return. Below we present the conditions and ways to return non-defective products.

Return Terms

1. The date of receipt of your order to the date of application for reimbursement not to exceed 5 calendar days.
2. The packaging is not compromised and is in its initial (factory) state.

Refund procedure

In case the return is Mail:
1. Pack the product in a larger box so that it is protected during shipment.
2. Place inside the package that you create a document that indicates the way in which you want to resolve the outstanding economic, when the product appears likely to return.
3. send the parcel via rapid-transport agency or post office from which you received your order. Please note that return costs are charged to the customer.

The address to which they must return the products are:

VolleyHouse Athens
Charokopou 143
Kallithea Athens
Zip code 176 76
In case of refund, the return of your money will be completed within 5 working days from the date we receive the products.
We would like to point out that if the product does not meet the above requirements will be returned to sender with the same charge.

For more information we are always available either by phone at +30 210-9519019 or via e-mail at sales@volleyhouse.gr

Order cancellation

The volleyhouse.gr have a mechanism to cancel an order (totally or partially) already registered. For any order cancellation will have to send e-mail to sales@volleyhouse.gr or contact us on +30 210- 9519019.

Your opportunity is offered by the time we will inform you of the shipment of your order. After that time it is not possible to cancel your order.

If the shipment of your order has already been carried out but the service is fast - transport not deliver the package then you can just refuse to pick it up.

In case your fast transport service has delivered the parcel and do not want to keep, then the condition for the return of products,

Update Account Information

The company called volleyhouse.gr based in Athens, Charokopou 143, Kallithea, tel +30 210- 9519019 informs you that, for your better and more complete service through the services we offer in our online volleyhouse.gr store, process your personal data, according to Law. 2472/1997 and the relevant amendments.

A prerequisite for the start of the transaction between us is the communication from you certain personal information.

For transactions made via the online store, we ask only elements necessary to send your order with accuracy and consistency in your area. (Name, Address, Phone, email, etc)

In summary, we ask so only information as we needed to enjoy a unique shopping experience: consistent delivery of products ordered, secure payment of your order and personalized service based on your needs and preferences.

The data and the information you have entrusted us to manage in the following ways:
1. To join the volleyhouse.gr (As a member you have access to your past and current orders. Even you can keep the list of products you want to buy to your basket. Also receive updates on product of your interest.)
2. To deliver to your place orders that have purchased online.
3. To be able to confirm your order.
4. To be able to answer your possible questions.
5. To send you special offers and discounts.

Article 11 N.2472 / 1997

Under no circumstances distribute your personal information to third parties.
In no case we sell or rent your personal information to third parties.
These data are used exclusively by the volleyhouse.gr to continuously improve your service.
An exception to this obligation is the case where the specific information requested by court order from organs of the Law.

Article 12 N. 2472/1997

You can have access to all information that you entrust us, you can make changes to your information or to request their deletion. You have access to your personal information by going to "My Account".

Article 13 N. 2472/1997

You can raise any objections to the processing of data concerning you.
Finally, personal safety constitutes the password you give when you become member of volleyhouse.gr. To introduce any of your personal information will first be given the user name and password. For this reason, it should you look after these data and not to let any third-party hands.